Let's see how useful it can be. Here we have a list of cities organized according to countries and continents. Continents and Countries here represents categories. Countries are subcategories of continent category. Cities are items and each city can have some features, in this case "Latitude","Longitude" and "NAC".



No Items in this category

How to import CSV file ?

  1. Download and install the "List of Items" Joomla! Extension.
  2. Go to administrator and "Components" > "List of Items".
  3. On the bottom of you will find "Import" section.
  4. Now, download this file :LIST CSVFULL LIST CSV
  5. Then select the file for "Upload file"
  6. Click on "Upload" button and wait a while.
  7. Congratulation, you should have the data imported.

You can also see here mandatory structure of CSV file. In order to upload the file your data needs to be organized accordingly.

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