List of items

„This is J! extension to display a list of items, items you can import from text file.”

"List of items" is the extension which displays a table of items organized in categories. You can easily manage your data in the back-end the way it is common for Joomla! extensions, and so, it also makes it easy-to-use for your customers. The feature that makes this extension outstanding is a built-in option to import data from CSV file. So, if you are looking for the way how to show a table/list of products on your webpage, you just found a simple extension to do it !

Key features

  • Organize your data in Excel and then easily import them.
  • Easy-to-use for back-end users.
  • Filtering options.
  • Outstanding support.


  • Import items, categories and columns titles from CSV file.
  • Each item contains 20 text fields for items features + fields "code", "title", "image", "file".
  • Search plugin.

Live examples

Extension type

ComponentSearch Plugin
Module - The package contains module to displaying items of certain category.

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Why to buy

We have spent hundreds of hours to make this the best possible. Constant improvement and after sale support is also included. You have everything you need to publish your items and update them easily.

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