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List of items

Are you looking for a way how to display a table/list of products on Joomla website ? "List of items" is Joomla extension to display items organized in categories. Easily manage your data in back-end the way it is common for Joomla! extensions, easy-to-use also for your customers. The feature that makes it worth to have is a built-in option to import data from CSV file.

„Extension to display your list of items.”

From Excel to Joomla

Organize your data in Excel type software, save them as .csv file and import it to Joomla. That how easy is it !

  • ".csv" import (CSV example)
  • easy-to-use, common back-end UI design
  • front-end filtering options
  • max. 20 columns for row
  • search plugin included
  • outstanding support

Search Plugin


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