List of items

„Joomla extension, displays a list of items, items you can import from CSV files.”

"List of items" is the extension which displays a table of items organized in categories. You can easily manage your data in the back-end the way it is common for Joomla! extensions, and so, it also makes it easy-to-use for your customers. The feature that makes this extension outstanding is a built-in option to import data from CSV file. So, if you are looking for the way how to show a table/list of products on your webpage, you just found a simple extension to do it !

Key features

  • Import items, categories and titles of columns from CSV file.
  • Each item can contain "code", "title", "URL" + 20 text fields for what you need.


  • build-in search plugin ensures that the items and its data are searchable
  • alphabetical filtering
  • path breadcrumbs
  • pagination

Notes for latest release

Now, for an item's feature you can also import HTML code

Available for

Extension type

Search Plugin

Current Version


Last Update

May, 2014



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