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Let'em pay

„Joomla extension to sell your files.”

"Let`em pay" is a user friendly Joomla! extension for selling any type of files whereas payment is implemented via PayPal. First, you have to set up information of PayPay account, upload a file, publish module and you are on and selling, that's how easy it is. What makes it different among the others is that Paypal button is represented in the module so you only need to set up module options and publish it. "NO CODE PASTING REQUIRED" here, like you often find in other solutions !

Files are organized in categories and buyer is purchasing the access to the content of a category. The content means all files in the category and files of all subcategories.

  • You don't need to paste code somewhere, instead, just publish the module with Paypal button on the page where you need it.
  • All the files are stored in the database and so the possibility of unwanted download by ones who didn't pay is reduced.
  • Supported for J!3.X  Price: 15€
  • Purchase email notification to you and the buyer
  • Ready for testing with PayPal's sandbox
  • Login required in order to download
  • Well-commented code
  • Easily customizable texts


For the payment it uses PayPal's "Classic APIs" and integrates "Digital Goods for Express Checkout", so please check out if this match your needs.

You and your website must be registered and approved by PayPal to process payments, otherwise you will be not able to receive payments ! More information here.

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